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The Truth About Business


ENTREPRENEUR! Do NOT run your business without reading this!!! I want you to know something. I’m an entrepreneur, just like you. I’m different, just like you. I have a big heart, just like you. I’ve been through a lot, just like you.
Unlike traditional books or resources, I’ve actually been there and done this. I’ve put my 10,000 hours in. I’m a fellow entrepreneur who heard a million times, “you can’t do that” or “that won’t work”. I get it. This book is probably one of the only books on Earth that you’ll ever read, business books for sure, that you can literally stop and implement the strategies that I’m going to expose to you…and significantly impact your revenue immediately.
Literally, without making major changes, without dumping tons of resources, spending more time, energy, and money, just follow my lead. I won’t make you learn a million different new things, either. Just plug this into your existing thing and watch what happens. That’s the biggest takeaway you’re about to get from this book. The top 1% have been doing this for DECADES…behind the scenes…They’ve been playing a game, this whole time.
If you haven’t been playing it, you’ve been getting played. It’s time to play the game, and WIN. Take just ONE strategy out of here, and you could see results by this time tomorrow, all right? I know a lot of people write books for the wrong reasons. Fame. Money. Ego. I do not write books to get famous, rich, or pump my chest. I’m a simple, friendly goat farmer from Wisconsin. I don’t need all the glitz and glamour. I wear bib overalls. I’m good. This book exists because I think of my younger self, and I think of how I ran what I thought was a business for a long time. How much I struggled. The sleepless nights. Not knowing if I’d be able to pay rent. The NSF notices (if you’ve ever been poor, you know what the heck those are). The abuse from clients.


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