The Parable of Dollars


The Parable of Talents is one of the prominent parables of Christ. The word “talent” by it’s use in present times connotes the inherent gifts and abilities in people, hence the parable has been used to teach on the stewardship of our God-given gifts and talents

However, the talent as used in this parable was a currency in biblical times just as the dollar is in our days. A second look at this parable shows that it contains powerful secrets for financial abundance.

This book is intended on one hand to be a reminder of the things you may have learnt on finances from the Bible. On the other hand, it is intended to ignite a spark in your heart to take practical steps towards wealth creation

It goes a little beyond conventional teachings on giving, to cultivating wealth-building habits like saving, investing and entrepreneuring. It ends with supernatural wealth building principles through addiction to the Kingdom of God.

In this book and the included workbook you will discover how to:
Build a Wealth Mentality 
Develop Financial Intelligence 
Break the poverty cycle in your life 
Make, Multiply and Manage Your Money God’s way through wise investments 
Discover and Develop your God-given gifts and abilities to release your 
financial increase

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