The Faces of Christmas


Experience the Christmas story like never before.

The Faces of Christmas shows us a glimpse into the Christmas Story, from the perspectives of people involved in and affected by the coming of God as a man. These stories told from 12 perspectives, paint a picture of all of us at different phases of our life’s journeys. If you haven’t already, you will soon see how God’s Story coincides with ours as He calls us to be a part of what He’s set in motion. And not just for a moment but FOREVER. Beyond and through it all, they show us what God With Us means, for it was Him working behind the scenes.

This book is perfect for families to read together on the days leading to Christmas. It delights and prompts readers to visualize their role in the larger-than-life story of Jesus, the Messiah. Beautifully illustrated and casebound, this book is also perfect as a gift or a coffee table book.

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