Start From Zero: Build Your Own Business & Experience True Freedom


Start From Zero: Build Your Own Business & Experience True Freedom by Dane Maxwell

Learn How To Start A Business From Nothing. This book is full of real world stories from an entrepreneur who had over 10 business failures, started from nothing, and finally found the successful patterns to become a Millionaire before the age of 30.
This book includes research on “who” is most likely to be successful in entrepreneurship across 26 different personality factors.

No hype. No BS. No fluff. This is a comprehensive book full of examples to draw from. Start From Zero gives you the repeatable path to create a meaningful and profitable business without being dependent on any person, any platform, or anything.

See new research on the top personality traits pulled from 30 successful entrepreneurs. Learn by example from 15 employees who became entrepreneurs.

Much of the world believes you have to be smart, gifted, or lucky to make it with your own business.

That’s only true to a certain extent. You can actually screw up a lot and still get rich… if you get the right things done right.

This is the only book that will show you how to successfully start from zero when you have nothing.

Not even confidence.

Start From Zero is the result of over 10 years of research, based on tested principles, with a methodology that will still be relevant a hundred years from now.

If you are frustrated with your income and earning potential, this book is for you.

Start From Zero teaches you how to install the 4 brains you need to create income & scalable products from scratch.

Whether you are a frustrated employee, a time-strapped business owner, or a curious 16 year old wondering if you should attend college, Start From Zero delivers the goods.

My hope is this book helps make entrepreneurship accessible to the entire world.

I have personally helped thousands of people become free with this exact process.

All of them started from zero. Many of them started as employees.

You can be next.

Put these principles into practice for 90 days and learn the skills to make success more likely in any endeavor you choose!




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