How to Change Your Life: Who Am I and What Should I Do with My Life?

The format of the book will follow the metaphor of building a temple. Clearing and establishing a solid foundation, then building each stage to ensure the perfect creation of a lasting legacy.

It will explore the deeper inner values and question the embedded beliefs created by the past, offering a comparison with the “true brain.” (True brain is a term that Benjamin uses for the optimum ability of the human mind).

With over 80 per cent of achievement being attributed to having the right mind-set, this book will essentially offer a human engineered MOT. It will improve the ability to look outside of “normal” rational thinking and control any negative cognitive behaviour.

“Step One – Selecting the Material”

The Importance of Identity

Values, Beliefs & Honesty

Accepting Risk & Failure

“Step Two – Rounding the Edges”

A Different Approach

Educating Your Past

Forgiving & Letting Go

Realigning Your Dreams

“Step Three – Setting the stone”

Success Preparation

Visualising a Completed You

Installing a Learning Mind-set

Moving Forward & Accepting Change

“Step Four – Leaving a Legacy”

Building your Temple

Living with a Smile

Passing On

Benjamin will supply us with bespoke audio-content which will be freely available for readers of the book.

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