Hope is not a strategy; faith is not a business model


This pandemic has come to disrupt our lives and change the order of things as we know it – a new normal. Navigating these challenging times has to be the most important skill you will need.
Hope is not a strategy: e go better without an actionable plan is just vibes! Despite the status quo, if you can change your thinking, you can 10X your results! That’s the motivation behind this life-changing and thought-provoking book, Hope Is Not A Strategy; Faith Is Not A Business Model – Disruptive Thoughts For Disruptive Times.
This book: highlights the creative opportunities from a pandemic. Discusses why it seems religiosity hasn’t necessarily produced more wealth. Puts in proper perspective the mindset of successful persons, businesses and countries. Shows why structure is greater than talent. Teaches finances for dummies. Proves why taking the first step is your biggest miracle. Expounds the power of a seed.
Explains the consequences of the increasing role of technology in a futuristic world. Attempts to find a balance between principles and miracles. Underscores the power of human relationships. Exposes the error of using God’s sovereignty as an excuse for outsourcing responsibilities. Breaks down succinctly the fundamentals of faith, hope and love.

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