“The responsibility for the growth, development, and success of a child is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of our lives as parents and professionals. it is a role that no book, video, coaching, or masterclass can adequately prepare anyone for.”- Daisy Jonathan HELP THAT CHILD! is a remarkable blend of practical scenarios and well-told stories with articulate facts and information. which focuses on children’s problematic or challenging behaviors from early childhood to their teenage years. The book-a must-have for parents, teachers, therapists, and other professionals who work with children-provides a shift from an angle where the child is seen as a nuisance or challenge to the home, school, or society. to the view where challenging behaviors are seen as a silent plea and cry for help. The author provides, in simple yet practical terms, reasons these behaviors occur and how they are maintained by the actions and inactions of persons within the environment or by internal issues while providing clear, simple, yet evidence-based strategies to address them and do what is needed: to help that child!

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