Buhari’s Way: Will the 6th Democratically Elected President of Nigeria Succeed or Fail?

Buhari surprised skeptics when he won the 2015 presidential election to become the 6th democratically elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But the road to the presidency hadn’t been a cakewalk. Buhari had to fight, persevere, and with a little bit of accidental luck, combined with his predecessor’s self-destruct, and moribund administration, won a landslide victory. The years leading to the 2015 election had been volatile, with suspicions, mudslinging, and a free-for-all battle for the presidency. Did Buhari win the election by stoking riots, unrest and terrorism in Nigeria’s northeast? Did he win because he was the only trusted politician left to solve Nigeria’s numerous problems? Did murder, mayhem, blackmail, kidnapping, terrorism, insurgency and uncertainties, pave the way for Buhari’s victory in the 2015 presidential election? Would Buhari have been charged with crime against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, for allegedly inciting the 2011 post election violence that killed many in the northeast of Nigeria if he had lost the election? This semi-biography of Buhari, and of Nigeria, answers and tells it all, with unfettered candor. This book is about Buhari, and about Nigeria and how the country has struggled since independence in 1960, to find its potential socioeconomic greatness, with one corrupt government after another. Will the new democratically elected 6th president solve Nigeria’s problems and end the corruption that has become endemic and a way of life in this oil-rich but mismanaged nation? Can this former coup leader and dictator let go the soldier in him and become a true convert to democracy, or a converted democrat? Read Buhari’s Way, to know if he will succeed or fail!

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