Afonja: The Fall


After the suicide of the Alaafin Aole Arogangan, powerful forces begin to pull the Oyo empire apart. The fear that Aole’s curse has begun its terrible work sweeps across the land. in the midst of this, Aare Ona Kakanfo Afonja of Ilorin has emerged at the top as the most powerful man in the empire.

But not for long. From the scheming of the Oyo Mesi, a mew Alaafin emerges that will not make the mistakes the Aole made. He sets plans in motion to wrest supremacy in his empire from Afonja and the Oyo Mesi.

Yet it is not only the Oyo Mesi that scheme. In Ilorin, Alfa Alimi quietly bides his time while client kings of Bariba, Dahomey, and Nupe join the fray in this epic tale that brings the story that started in Afonja: The Rise to a bloody close.

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