A Brief Guide To The End Of Oil (Heavyweight Issues, Lightweight Read)

This is an essential guide to the most valuable and contentious resource of all: Oil. Each one of us is responsible for the use of vast quantities of oil, either directly or indirectly. We know that burning it isn’t good for our environment and that it will run out one day. We know there maybe plenty of it in the Middle East, but that is a politically unstable region wracked by violence.

But there are also many unknowns surrounding oil such as: How long will it last? Will we always have access to what’s left? Where is all the oil? and, What will the future bring for our oil-hungry economies? “The End of Oil” answers these questions and many more to do with the future of oil in a concise and readable format that will enlighten readers, without driving them outside to build a shelter and stock it with tinned food.

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