7 Ways to Improve your Reading Skill

In an effort to improve my reading skill, I joined a book club a while ago. However, I often found myself not completing or fully understanding the books I chose. Recently, when given a selection of books to choose from, I decided to adopt specific techniques to ensure I complete and benefit from the reading experience. I’ll explain these measures one by one.

Why Should I Care to Improve my Reading Skill?

This question directs us to the benefits of reading. Bill Gates is a strong advocate for reading books cover-to-cover, He stated, “You don’t really start getting old until you stop learning.” Additionally, according to Wikipedia, research suggests that reading can improve stress management, memory, focus, writing skills, and imagination. These are just a few examples of the many benefits of reading. So, Should I improve my reading skill? If your answer is yes, Then let’s explore some ways to enhance our reading capabilities.

Start with Small:

Begin by selecting a book you are confident you can complete. This was a part of my problem as I didn’t check the length of books before starting to read. This was in the first stage of my journey of becoming a good reader. So regardless of its interest level of the topic or the introduction of the book. It is essential to check and start with smaller books first to boost confidence.

Reading Bit by Bit:

Studies have shown that tackling tasks incrementally helps achieve success. The same principle applies to reading. When you read in this manner, you not only understand the material better but also develop the skill to read more books. Consistency is crucial when applying this method. Lack of consistency was a challenge in my case, preventing me from completing books.

Joining a Reading Club:

Participating in a reading club can enhance one’s reading capacity. Community support encourages members to complete books they’ve chosen. It’s also important to choose a well-organized reading community. This is why I would like to recommend a community of readers that I am in. Mindviller is one such effective reading community that has a good community manager.

Read in a Quiet Environment:

While some people may enjoy reading in a noisy environment such as on the bus or in a class, and so on, and they will understand what they are reading. It is not advisable for someone who is trying to improve his or her writing skills to rest in places like these. It is recommended to read in a silent environment since you are still struggling to boost reading efficiency.

Read with the Aim of Understanding the Book:

Understanding what one reads in a book is one of the crucial objectives one must aim to achieve. If you read a book without comprehending what’s in that book, it goes as saying that one had not read the book at all. One may not understand all that’s in the book. However, you should try to read in a way that you understand most of what is written in the book. That way, you would have a sense of accomplishment and want to try another one out. When you are hungry for more books, this is a big sign of self-improvement in reading of books.

Read Daily To Improve Your Reading Skill:

The reality is that you are there to improve or work on a habit. The best way to do this is to be consistent with doing such. Reading daily will help you be consistent. When it is done at a specific time of the day, this is also very good as it will greatly improve your reading efficiency.

Set a Time Limit:

Setting a time limit for daily reading will reduce boredom, and setting a time limit for when to complete the book will help you in the sense that you will want to ensure that you work towards reading before the time you set elapses. It is okay if it does not work as planned at the beginning or sometimes. However, working with time will greatly improve your reading skill positively. This is one of the things that is in place in the book community I am in: Mindvillers.

Conclusion On Ways to Improve Your Reading Skill:

There is ample evidence that reading contributes to individual growth in various ways. To experience these benefits, it’s crucial to work on improving reading skills to grow personally. Joining an effective reading community, starting with smaller books to gain confidence, and breaking down the reading process into manageable chunks are some effective ways to enhance reading skills. Additionally, choosing a peaceful environment for ease of understanding and increased speed of reading will also go a long way. When it is done consistently within a time frame. When all of these serve as a guide for our reading, then we should expect that our reading skill will be efficient in no time and we will be enjoying the benefits of reading.

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