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Knowing God Intimately


Using Scripture and powerful real-life examples, Joyce Meyer reveals that we, not God, determine our level of intimacy with Him. She reminds us that Moses went alone to visit God on the mountaintop while Joshua and others stood at a distance from Him. And while at least seventy people traveled with Jesus when he preached, only twelve disciples were his close companions. Of the twelve, Peter, James and John were closer still. But only one of the three laid his head on Jesus’ breast. Although Jesus loved them all, only one of his followers achieved this highest level of intimacy.

With that in mind, Joyce gives us a clear picture of four levels of commitment open to us and the gifts God gives us at each level. Discover: the excitement of new beginnings when God, in an unexpected way, moves “suddenly” into your life (If you are ready for this book, you have a “suddenly” about to come into yours!); the “Seven Spirits of God” as you allow Him to guide you through life’s difficulties, great and small; the special gifts God imparts to direct, protect, and empower believers for their everyday lives; a new, God-given purpose when you let Him guide you in mind, body and spirit to the place He wants you to go.

At each level, from acknowledging God’s presence to letting Him completely transform your life, Joyce shows you how to move, step by step, closer to God. What relationship are you ready for? How far can you go in seeking God? What amazing accomplishments can you complete with God’s help? In Knowing God Intimately, Joyce Meyer gives you the keys to finding your unique relationship with Him. God is waiting for you; the choices are yours. Will you open the door?


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